[#8] Update

Following changes were made:
- Pickup time waiting glitch got fixed
- Low durability of items will now get fixed automatically
- Refreshing Pill is now giving mana
- Blue & Black & Guild killing is now giving the right amount of PK
- Wind Spells are now working properly

[#7] Update

Following changes were made:
- Reflect for the combo war-war have been added and will won't work on the tournaments
- Ancient Devil have been fixed
- Reborn to fire will give now HP Backsword
- We have fixed the skill SpeedGun
- MeteorShower timer got tweaked
- We have fixed ClientConfig.exe in client
- Bird Island portals will work now properly
- Bandits damage from Birs Island got fixed
- WindSpell from Ape City will work now properly
- DemonExterminator from Bandits Stage got tweaked and should work properly now
- Being Away and joining every tournament on the waiting map won't work anymore

[#6] Update

Following changes were made:
- Mana Bs rate got increased
- Disconnecting in important places such as PC , Lab won't affect your relog teleport
- Stamina regeneration while jumping will not affect as much as while siting
- FireofHell effect is now showing properly
- Staying AFK on PVP waiting zone is not possible anymore
- Team Disband if someone get disconnect got fixed
- Blue Mouse Catch rate got changed
- FireOfHell is now dropping only from Hawking's
- Monsters are not dropping anymore Gems (Mine is the only way )
- CelestialStone from Shopping Mall got replaced with Clean Water
- Showing Up in Nobility Rank is now possible even with the lowest donation such as (3,000,000)
- Online Points NPc got added at TaoistStar(TwinCity : 425,341)

[#5] Update

Following changes were made:
- Fire skills are now working properly
- Gandoerma will now spawn at the right coordinates
- Lab entry will work now with any kind of VIP
- DivineHare skill got fixed
- Shopping Mall based priced on DB got added

[#4] Update

Following changes were made:
- Reload bug for arrows got fixed
- Fixed screen bug while fighting or moving
- Training Ground is now giving experience for weapons
- Added NPC in market to exchange gems
- Nobility added but only for effects ( Won't give BP or any advantage )
- Added NPc to learn Guard in promote center
- Fixed Trade guy & some other guis - Fixed Fly duration
- Fixed Durability on Auto-Upgrade items

[#3] Update

Following changes were made:
- Mine Cave area is now giving PK Points
- 1 NPc Shop at market got removed
- World Chat got added instead
- Pass the leadership bug from Guild got fixed
- Messenger's attack speed decreased
- Some texts messages got fixed
- Durability in training grounds is not decreasing anymore

[#2] Update

Following changes were made:
- Whisper Mode is now showing properly
- Link on VoteManager is now working properly.
- Fixed Mine View
- Guide from the NPc GameManager have been updated
- Client crash have been fixed
Sockets rates have been changed.

[#1] Update

Following changes were made:
- VoteManager & GameMaster have been added in twin city .
- Tournaments are now running hourly .
- Stigma bow have been added.
- Clients crash is now resolved within the new patch.

Before Start

Hello! Before you start donwload client or created account, read server rules!